What are you grateful for?

Comment 2 things you are grateful for today.


  1. My health and my cats health

  2. good people who counterbalance bad people

  3. My job

  4. What isn’t there to be grateful for 💞

  5. Free speech and ability to choose the foods I want which are plentiful.

  6. Moisuriser – because I have been working in the garden.

  7. First is God kept me healthy to do my duties for the day. Second is the same that I am still learning about God.

  8. I am grateful I “make it” even when I’m hurting financially. I’m ever so grateful for my children and their precious littles. ♥️

  9. My blogging community and a new supplement that helped me fall asleep fast last night! Of course I am always thankful for Omniscience, family, husband, health, breath, and life!

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