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  1. My name is Harshanki and I am a freelance worker from Sri Lanka. I am very passionate about spiritual matters and enjoy exploring the deeper meaning of life. This passion has led me to create two blogs:, which explores the lighter side of life and the beauty of the soul, and, which focuses on guiding readers towards prosperity and abundance. Through my blogs, I hope to inspire others to live their best lives and to find joy in the journey.

  2. Hello, my name鈥檚 Mario from the North East of England. After recovering from mental health issues, I began reflecting and analysing just being human. Our thoughts, emotions, our general experience as human beings I think enables us to help each other at times of crisis or feeling lost. So my blog is chronicling my experiences as a human being and hopefully, there are other people who may find it helpful for whatever reason. I enjoy spirituality and philosophy so some of my posts may venture into those topics.

  3. Hi, my name is Raman, and I live in India. I started this blog to improve my writing skills. I believe that practicing writing and participating in daily prompts will help me enhance my writing skills and expand my vocabulary. I don鈥檛 have a specific topic to focus on; instead, I want to share my day-to-day experiences, the things I love, and my personal life journey.

    My blog :

  4. Victoria

    My name is Victoria Sigauke, and I am from Zimbabwe. I found out writing to be therapeutic for me during the time I struggled with anxiety. I鈥檝e put a lot of work to recover from that and now writing is now a hobby. I like to write about my life, and in a way, it will help my future kids and family to get to understand the way I have experienced life. I also hope to compile everything on my blog into my autobiography. Among many other benefits, my writing has improved, and I can see growth.
    My blog is at:

  5. I am Victoria Wanga and I come from Kenya.Ever since I thought that crying is the best way to express emotions,,fear,anger and all soughts of other feels but when I cried I still felt the same until when I started writing poems.
    Writing poems has been therapeutic to me,,Anytime I鈥檓 down I just write and I feel fine,,I used to write for fun and just for my feelings until I got a friend who adviced me to start writing on WordPress.
    I鈥檓 still looking for a mentor since am still new in this platform
    Blog me at:
    And my latest poem鈥檚 link is:

    Others poems you鈥檒l find there,,thanks

  6. My name is Lizzie Mutuku from Kenya, I am an author , my book TRUE LOVE WE HAD TO FIGHT FOR is ongoing on my blog post. I love writing and reading too. For me every day is a learning and relearning process . We grow through small efforts we make. View follow and comments.

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